Brief History

The CSI Madhya Kerala Diocesan Youth Movement is the first Christian Youth Organisation in Asia. The earliest form of the Diocesan Youth Movement was the 'Annual Anglican Youth League' which was started by the Bishop Charles Hope Gill. In 1916, during the time of the Centenary Celebrations of the Church Missionary Society activities in Travancore-Cochin, the Diocese felt the need of utilizing the creative and physical potentials of the youth for the betterment of the church and the society. for this reason, to unite the youth, the missionaries started the 'Annual Anglican Youth Conference'. The very aim of the Annual Conference was to invite the youth to serve the church and the society through the love of Jesus Christ and thus lead them to better dedication and commitment. It was in English language that they arranged the sessions of the conference. From 1932 onward an Annual Conference was started in Malayalam for the non-English speaking youth. 

In 1942, the Organization became very strong which was known as 'Youth League' and started district level conferences in all the ecclesiastical districts of the diocese. In 1947, a full time General Secretary, Mr. John Ramakrishna Pillai, was appointed for the smooth functioning of the organisation. Till this time there was no women participation in the conferences. In 1959, the 'Yuvathee Samajam, which was an integral part of the Women's Fellowship' merged with Youth League. In 1978, the name of the organisation was changed from 'Youth League' to 'Youth Movement'.

Office Bearers for the Year 2015-16

President                              : Rt. Rev. Thomas K Oommen

Working President               : Prof. Sumod M. John

Vice Presidents                    : Miss. Anumol K Chacko

                                             : Mr. Vinod George

General Secretary                : Rev. Joby Joy Mullackal

Treasurer                              : Mr. Santhosh Kadampanadu

Organising Secretary           : 1. Mr. Shibin Philip

                                                2. Mr. Shinu Peter

                                                3. Mr. Siljo Stephen

                                                4. Miss. Sneha Elsa Jones.

Major Programmes

1. Pre-Youth Asembly

Pre- Youth Assembly is an academic and preparatory conference for the Annual Youth Conference. We used to frame the final papers of the Annual Conference in this Assembly. Usually the entry restricted for 10 youth members from each 12 ecclesiastical districts and to have a total of 120 delegates.

2. Annual Youth Conference

Every Year we have Annual Youth Conference in which 1000's of youth will gather together and ponder upon a common theme which is relevant to the contexts and to the contemporary socio-economic-political situations. Through these conferences we used to formulate the policies of Youth work as well as programmes. The 99th Annual Youth Conference was held on 2015 October 22-24, at the Baker Compound, Kottayam.

3. Yuvalokam

The official tongue of the Diocesan Youth Movement is known as 'Yuvalokam' which was started in the year 1948 and it has occupied a significant place in the Christian realm of publications. It draws attention to various contemporary theological as well as socio-political issues and become the voice of the voiceless. It created a distinct reading culture among the people.

4. Telungana Mission (Andhra Mission)

It is a glittering page in the history of CSI Madhya Kerala Diocesan Youth Movement and it was started in the year 1967 at Mugalappally, a remote area in the State of Andhra Pradesh (Now Telungana State). Here the Missionaries are working among the village people and focus on education, health and social upliftment. We are running a Primary School and a Homeopathic Clinic at Mugalappally. So far we have ministry in 40 villages , 12 churches, clinics and community centers.

5. Kanivu

It is the face of compassion of the Youth Movement. It provides monetary assistance for medical treatment to the poor and needy. So far we have supported 100's of needy medical patients. 

6. Sujeevanam (Health Care Project)

Our state is dependent on other states of South India foe vegetables and rice. The vegetables from Tamil Nadu and Karnataka are highly poisonous due to the high use of chemical fertilizers. This creates lot of health issues in the state. Sujeevanam is wide range campaign to promote healthy life style through healthy food habits, proper exercises, eco-friendly life habits, bio farming and so on. We are providing awareness, film shows, brochures etc. to the public to get the knowledge about these issues and encouraging vegetable cultivation in waste lands. Various church units started vegetable farms and medicinal plant cultivation in church premises and house premises.

7. Blood Donors Forum

The Youth Movement has the vibrant blood donor's forum in Kottayam town. Since we have our center near the Medical College, we used to support the needy patients by providing blood in all groups. We have enough members in this forum with rare blood groups like negative groups.

8. Self Help Groups (SH Groups)

We formed many self help groups for unemployed women to equip them to face the challenges in their lives and to meet the financial needs of the family. Curry powder making, rice flour making, candle making, paper carry bag making, soap and soap powder making are few projects in this regard. Many churches came forward to initiate such groups.

9. Medical Mission

As part of the Centenary Celebrations we have initiated another innovative project to form a Medical Mission in the Govt. Medical College and the District and Taluk Hospitals. This is to provide volunteer helpto help the patioents by bringing food, medicinetest results and to help in using stretcher and wheel chair. Also we are providing guidance minitry to lead them to the laboratory, canteen, Operation Theatre etc.

10. Gospel Team

This is to encourage the youth who are interested in Mission and evangelism work. The gospel team organises programs in every month, based on any church and surrounded areas. Public meetings, skit, singing sessions, house visits, bible studies etc. are the main components of the Gospel Team.

11.Youth Institute for Advanced Learning

There is a mushroom growth of opportunities in banking industry and All India Service. The need of the hour is to prepare the students to face competitive exams like civil services, All India bank tests, UPSC exams etc. to enable them to achieve rewarding career in these sectors. Being the pioneers in higher education, the CSI Church has always imparted quality education. The first and foremost target group of this institute will be the youth of CSI Church, while in due course the facility can be opened up to other sections of the society. Moreover the Government is interested in uplifting the minority sections and hence they provide various types of financial support for the minorities. The institute's aim is to empower our youth through comprehensive training which will in turn increase their employ-ability and skills.

12. Other Major Programmes

There are number of distinct and variety of programmes which is also organized by the movement. They are District-Diocesan level Conferences, Young Couple's Meet, Women's Conferences, Educational Conferences , Leadership Conferences, Pre-Youth Assemblies, Ecumenical Conferences, Regional Conferences, Memorial Lectures, Writing Competitions, Short-Film Competitions, Photography Competitions, Revival Meetings, Youth Week and Youth Sunday Celebrations,  Christmas and Easter Special Programmes, Kalamela (Art Festival) Sports Meet, Literary Symposiums, Bible Quiz Competitions, Book Launching Etc.